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This website is a labor of love, and we thank you for visiting us. We are a couple of hobbyists, without much in common. And if there was one thing we have in common, we love to quote famous people, in our talks, email and most recently in our facebook statuses. As Somerset Maugham said, ” The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.” Needless to say, we both lack Wit. So, I won’t bore you with our life story, and get on right to our collection of famous quotes.

We dedicate this Month to these amazing collection of some famous Earth Day Quotes not because we are activists and such, but we still do need to take care of our mother Earth, because last time I checked, there was only one Earth.

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And these inspirational quotes by some of the greatest wit, check out these William Shakespeare quotesMark Twain quotesKarl Marx quotes and Groucho Marx quotes and more.

Our love for sayings, aphorisms and proverbs resulted in this site on Famous Quotes, which we both love. We are the Curators of this site, and we hand pick good quotations, sayings, proverbs and sometimes poems to post on our site. With that in mind, we have published our favorite quotations on some of the common day to day topics about life, love, relationships and some random topics to make you laugh or get you inspired or motivated or all of it. And I am sure you will find some famous quotes to your liking, if not all. Let us know if you didn’t find what you came for.

There are hundred of sites on quotes and sayings today and we are not the first, but we are proud to own this collection of carefully compiled quotations’ pages. Our criteria of selection (we consider ourselves Curators), is very simple; All the quotes and sayings that we chose should either be Inspiring, motivating, memorable and/or sometimes funny, when we are in a humorous mood, so you will will also find some very funny quotes. We have mostly selected short memorable quotes for our collection, ie, we love Short Quotes, but you may find a few which are slightly long, but those were too good to pass.
Then we have categorized all the pages into various relevant topics.

We have so far curated thousands of hand picked quotations. Below are some of our favorites. You can use the search feature, and the search by alphabets or Authors to browse tens of thousands of quotes.

“The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.”
~ We have a good collection of Chinese Proverbs like this from which you can learn a thing or two. We are infact thinking of Dedicating a whole section of the website into wise words from Sun Tzu only. We also have tons of topics on wisdom quotes.

“Live every act fully, as if it were your last.”
~ This is a Life saying by Gautama Buddha, who renounced the world and its pleasures and all other paraphernalia to achieve salvation. Buddhist are one of the most peaceful folks. The calm in the face of a young buddhist monk is worth all the riches they have given up.

“Just because you’re miserable doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life.”
~ This is by Annette Goodheart and we are particularly very fond of quotes and sayings that inspire us to be more positive, and that fills our lives with Optimism. The primary purpose of this site is also to inspire ourselves, and at the same time try to inspire all of you. We consider ourselves a success if, just of one of readers get inspired by a quote that we have put here.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy”
~This is by Norman Vincent Peale, and we have a whole page dedicated to his words of wisdom. If you haven’t read his books, reading his quotes will prompt you to read them. You will be surprised, how good you actually are. You just have to learn to believe in yourself.

“If your baby’s “beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time,” you’re the grandma.”
~ This is a funny baby quotes by Theresa Bloomingdale, and we have a bunch of similar sayings that are funny cute. This is one of our most popular pages, because of all the people looking for something cute to write about their baby in the scrapbooks etc. We also love to compile it, and we keep adding to it.

“The hardest job facing kids today is learning good manners without seeing any.”
~ This is Fred Astaire’s and we also have some great baby quotes and their parents. Most of these are perfect for Scrapbooks.

Listed Below are some of the most popular pages that we have compiled. For a complete lists of topics, << click here >>. Check out the popular topics below:

We have some great quotes on age, because we never run out of an opportunity to make fun of someone’s age, or even make fun of oneself. Nobody likes to age, but we still our birthdays. We also have some funny quotes about drinking alcohol. You will be surprised to learn that Irish aren’t the only people who have tons of drinking jokes. We think a lot but sometimes we fail to take action on time and these motivational quotes about action will make you act, even if it is the simple act of an apology because even that doesn’t come easy when we are angry. And anger, if only we all could be as calm as the Buddhists. We are always getting angry for something or the other. At home, at work, on the road when get stuck in a Jam, life throws us lots of reasons to get angry, but it is upto us to get angry or not. Just think about it, even though it is spontaneous, with the right practice, we can control our anger. These quotes and sayings on anger might help you in Managing or controlling Anger? The easiest way is to count till your anger subsides. And while you count, just think if you wil gain anything my being angry?

Someone rightly said, I didn’t have time to be brief so I had to write a long letter, so it is indeed true that Brevity is the soul of the Wit. Learn to keep it short and simple. Even if you are not smart, people won’t know if you keep it brief.

Birthday is an occasion that comes every week, if you have a large family and a ton of friends like me. We have compiled several birthday quotes for all occasions starting from 16th birthday to the 100th, and if it is your cute friend’s, then most certainly you could use some cute quotes on beauty. Ecards maybe popular, but Hallmark still sells a ton of Greeting cards each year, and sending a handwritten card with a cute little quote goes a long way. People don’t throw away Greeting cards, and ecards will never be able to replace the value of a proper card, and a beautiful saying.

The only constant in life is change, and we have no choice but to be ready and be prepared for that change. And we should be able to take the right decisions, and consider it as our duty, and if we take the right decisions at the right time, all our dreams will be fulfilled. These were some of the Interesting life quotes and sayings that we have.

We have also some good quotes on education, and an education is something that no one can take away and all your effort and hard work always pay at the end. Just remember that you should never be intimidated by failure because success often comes to those who have overcome failure.

What can I say about friendships? We have already started a whole website on friendship, of all the people I have met in my life, all those who have left an image in my memory! Like they say, you cannot chose your relatives, but you chose your friends. The happiest persons have a ton of friends that they can rely on in times of trouble or have fun in times of joy.

Also enjoy these good luck quotes. You can even use them to wish yourself luck and keep all the gratitude to yourself. You can also wish your friends if you are in a helping mood and hope to receive some help in return.

I am sure you don’t like Hypocrites, but hypocrisy can sometime be an opinion others have about you, so put yourself in other shoes and make sure you are not one before you pass the judgement on some hypocrite.

Everybody hates liars, and these are some lying quotes about liars and crooks.

And then we have these funny quotes about marriage and women, and also the Most Interesting Man in the world Quotes about the exploits of the Dos Equis guy who is Chuck Norris, James bond and Rambo all combined in one Man. He doesn’t surf the internet (The internet surfs him), but when on the rare occasion that he does, he visits allfamousquotes.net ! Another very useful page is this sarcastic collection of Mind your own Business Quotes. Comes pretty handy, because, most people like to poke their nose in other people’s Business! We have fond memories of our people who have touched our lives, and these memories quotes are in loving memory of all those people. This has been my personal favorite.

Some people are consumed with Negativity, and I don’t know why they are so mean to themselves. Maybe they don’t know that Negativity hurt themselves more than it hurts everyone around him or her. Instead of being negative, they should learn to be more positive and optimistic, and these Optimism quotes are just for them.

We have some inspirational sayings on PerseverancePerfection and Patience. These are virtues that people have forgotten just trying to keep up with life. But all these virtues will actually help people in keeping pace with our busy lives. Also check out these Philosophy quotes and Philosophical quotes. The two are not the same.

And  then some more of my favorite topic like Struggle , About being sorry, these are some cute I m sorry quotes, also see the power of  TruthTrust and Teamwork. Of Human Virtue and Vanity.

But we assure a ton of Wise Words to fill your mind with Wisdom!

And more Wisdom quotes from Authors like:

Kahlil GibranRobert FrostFriedrich Neitzsche

For more authors click here >>.

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