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www.allfamousquotes.net is another attempt to compile all the best famous quotes available today in one single place. Many of the quotes sites out there today look like they have been created from the same database script. We are not one of those cookie cutter quotation sites. We are a curator a good quotes and this site is our famous quotes museum. We have tried to handpick the best quotes by various famous people and by different subjects so that you only have the most relevant quotes you are looking for.

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We are a Husband and Wife team. Both super Busy with life, and work.
He looks after the software that runs the sites, and also talks to the tech support of the Server company that Hosts the site. He is my Man Friday and my driver.

The wife, is me. As a medico, I have a to read a lot of Medical literature, which would seem worse than Greek to a non-medico. Reading real literature and quotes keeps my Sanity.

This site is my connection to the real world. This site reminds me that there are other types of literature as well. It gives me immense please to pick a topic and go though all the quotes that exists about that topic, or to chose an Author and curate his best quotations.

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