Famous Quotes Topics A

Age :The first Topic is some famous quotes about age because we are all a wee bit sensitive about our Age.

Appearance: These are some of the most popular Appearance Quotes because we give too much importance to someone’s outer appearance rather than giving due appearance to the inner appearance.

Airplanes:  There were enough famous quotes about airplanes that we could also compile a page full of interesting airplane sayings.

Art: These Famous Art quotes deserve a separate website of it own, but there was already one so we had to make do with just this page.

Action: Some quotes about taking Action, because we think a lot, and talk even more but when it comes to tking action, we are all such misers. These will inspire you to go and take some action.

Anger: Never take a decision when you are angry. Don’t utter a word when you are angry, because you will always regret what you did when in Anger and these quotes will inspire you to control your anger.

Alcohol: These Alcohol quotes are some of my favorite, and I am sure you will also find them very likable, after all, these are quotes about our favorite drink, hick?

Adversity: These Adversity quotes are meant to inspire you to overcome any adversity that you come across in Life. We have carefully selected some very inspiring quotes that will make a difference to our readers.

America: America is the land of dreams, an ocean of opportunity, built by hardworking immigrants but right now working even harder to keep out immigrants. These America quotes will be Fascinating to Americans as well as green card seekers alike.

Advertising: These Advertising quotes are not necessarily inspirational in nature. These are some famous quotes that are more academic in nature, in case you want to quote Ogilvy?

Artists: We had a whole page on art (see above), so we couldn’t leave the Artists behind, and so we also curates these Artists quotes for artists and non-artistic reader of our Blog.

Astrology: I don’t believe in Astrology, because I am a Sagittarian and as you know Saggitarians are sceptic. These are the kind of interesting Astrology quotes you will find

Apology: We don’t apologize easily and that often leads us to uncomfortable relationships. We hope that these Apology quotes will help you overcome some of that hesitation you feel when you want to say sorry

Angels: We love angels, and these are some quotes about Angels, and you will surely love them too.

Autumn: Our favorite season is spring in spring, and well Autumn in Autumn. We hope you love these lovely quotes.

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