Famous quotes topics B

Here are some famous quotes that we have compiled by topics that start with the letter B.

Baby: We often see posts of Babies on our facebook wall, and egroups, from our closest friends, and all we could manage is “aww..so cute”. Next time you see someone of your friends post a picture of their baby, you can use these Baby quotes to make the thread interesting.

Brevity is the soul of the wit: And someone rightly said that it takes a lot longer time and effort to be brief than be long and verbose. Here are some witty Brevity quotes to help you become more concise?

Bravery: A virtue that has become scarce. As Kid, we read all these stories of heroes slaying demons for his princess in despair and we wanted to grow up a hero, but is there a time to be a hero these days? But then you can be brave in a lot of way, and perhaps these Bravery quotes will rekindle that brave sould in you.

Blindness: Here are some Blindness quotes so that you can understand what being blind is all about, and even if you can see are you not blind to certain things? Read inspiring the Hellen Keller Quotes too.

Blame: How quick are we to put the blame on someone else? Do we hapilly accept our fault, or do we frantically look around to pass the buck. These are some funny and inspiring Quotes about blame that you would easily connect to.

Business: We also compiled some Business quotes for those looking for some inspiring words about being in Business.

Belief: These are some thought provoking quotes about belief because we all have some beliefs that we won’t sway our thoughts from.

Bribery: This is our favorite topic. If not for Bribery, we would have been living in a much better world. It is not just the Bribe taker, but the giver who is also equally guilty.

Best Friend: These are some Best Friend quotes, dedicated to all the best friends you have made in your life, and that very best friend you still talk too.

Bible: We also have some quotes about the bible, as well as quotes from the Bible. There were too many and these are our most favorite?

Behavior: These are some Behaviour quotes that we  found interesting.

Lots if Baseball quotes we have, right from Yogi Berra to other funny quotes about baseball, which is no less than a religion.

When you are bored, these Boredom quotes will perhaps wake you from your slumber.

We all have a beginning somewhere or the other and these are some quotes about beginnings to help you understand your roots.

Birthdays: We have tons of Birthday quotes for all kinds of occasions, right from your friend’s birthday to your grandpa’s.

Bragging: We have some famous quotes about bragging, that you can use as witty remarks when you comes across that braggart again.

Basketball: We are quote fond of these Basketball quotes, and I am not sure if we are more find of the game or the quotes.

Beauty: These Beauty quotes are not only beautiful but are all very touching. Perfect for your lover, your boyfriend, your girlfriend.

We have a bunch of Break-up quotes, right from happy ones to recover from a break up to sad ones to mourn with you. But some of these are very inspiring and will help you get over it.

Betrayal: These are some Betrayal quotes, because not everybody are loyal or faithful, and you will do better if you learn not to trust someone easily.

Let us know what quotes and topics you want and we will bring it for you!

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