Famous quotes topics D

These are our collection of famous quotes and sayings with topics that start with the letter D

Daughter quotes: These are some nice and cute quotes about that beautiful thing that we call Daughters.

Dog quotes: Dogs are Men’s best friends, and unlike cats they are very faithful, loyal and obedient. These are some famous quotes dedicated to your four-legged friend.

Debt quotes: Debt is bad, but we are all in some debt or the other despite that. It is true that it would be hard to own a house without taking on debt, but you have no business taking on debt for going on a holiday or splurge on that designer ensemble.

Desires quotes: Men have desires, and so do women. We have a lot of desires and if only we could control all our desires, we would be with so little misery and heartbreaks.

Decisions quotes: Decision making is not an easy task, and some of the best paying jobs only require decision making as the job description. Think about it. These inspiring quotes will hopefully teach you to learn to take the right decisions at the right moment.

Democracy quotes: Democracy is not the best form of government but for the fact that we have no better option, and these are some inspiring quotes on Democracy.

Driving quotes: We have come across a lot of jokes about driving, and women drivers. These are some interesting quotes about the fun of driving.

Disappointed quotes: We are often disappointed, more so if we have lots of expectations, and these quotes are about being disappointed, and how to avoid being disappointed?

Disappointment quotes: Similar to the quotes above, but this is about the feeling of disappointment, and what goes through us.

Diplomacy quotes: This is a fun topic, and we have compiled quite a few funny quotations about diplomacy.

Duty quotes: These are some inspirational quotes about, understanding, respecting and doing our Duty. Today we sometimes call it work ethics.

Dreams quotes: Dreams have always intrigued us, and these are some famous quotes about dreaming.

Death quotes: These are some quotes about death, however much I hate the topic.

Let us know if you want any specific topic starting with D.

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