Famous quotes topics E

These are our collection of Famous quotes on topics starting with the Letter E:

Eating Quotes: This is our collection of famous quotes about Eating. These are mostly about eating right and eating well. It would also tell you about the disadvantages of gluttony, and eating like a hog? Hogging is a slang for eating a lot, and it considered one of the 7 sins. And as the old Chinese saying goes, you get to enjoy more flavor when you eat little.

Education quotes: These are some inspirational quotes on the importance of an education. During any pogrom, the wealth of the victims are often taken away, but education is something could not be taken away. No education is Bad Education, and it is never too late to get a College Degree.

Effort Quotes: Another collection great inspirational quotes on a very important topic.  Do you give enough effort to everything you do? Very often, we always end up not giving enough effort to our Duty, and we end up blaming others or even ourselves. Nothing is Impossible. The difficult tasks just need a little more effort than the easy Task.

Engagement Quotes: Not a lot of quotes, but we managed to get you some good quotes on Engagement. It is a collection of quotes on Human relationships and some life quotes.

English Proverbs: This is one of our greatest collections. We collection a great number of proverbs from all parts of the world. This collection is from the Good old English Kingdoms. You will surely like the Scottish and Irish proverbs as well

Envy quotes: Envy, we all know is not good. It is bad, and we were all taught about it, but because we are human, we don’t always do good things only. And our mind fall easy prey to Envy. We are more concerned with our Neighbors’ prosperity than our own success. Such are the ways of the Human.

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