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Collection of Famous quotes and sayings with Letter F:

Failure quotes: These are some true words of Inspiration. Very often we get bogged down by the fear of failure, when you should concentrate on the effort at hand. And when you fail, we often act as if the world is coming to an end. And this happens to most of us. These Failure quotes have been compiled to inspire you stop fearing Failure, and to remind you that even if you have failed, you are one step closer to success.

Quotes on Faith : These are some religious quotes on Faith. Some people confuse the absence of faith with Atheism,  but faith is a very strong belief in something that is more powerful than anything we know. We can even have faith in oneself. Faith is a very strong feeling that can move mountains.

Fourth of July Quotes: These are some quotes and greetings to celebrate the fourth of July each year. You can use these quotes in your decorations and posters and greetings.

Fathers Day quotes: This is another collection of greetings for your father’s day. These are prefect quotes for handwritten Greeting cards.

Future quotes: Some memorable quotes on the topic of Future. This will come in handy when writing essays, and SOP etc.

Fame quotes: Some people chase too much Fame, and many young celebrities have been ruined by too much fame. These are some inspiring quotes about the subject.

Friendship quotes: We have tons and tons of Friendship quotes, that we have categorized into several pages, starting from Funny Friendship quotes, to Sad quotes to the cutest ones.

Food quotes: We eat food everyday, so it was obvious that some people have spoken some memorable words, and some funny ones. This is a collection of such words attributed to famous people.

Forgiveness quotes: These are are inspiring quotes on the power of Forgiveness, after all, it is only the great man who can forgive an Enemy. Page 2

Funny Birthday quotes: This should have come under Birthday quotes collection, we sure do have a good collection of the funniest Birthday quotes.

Forrest Gump quotes : This is from our Huge collection of Movie quotes. The simple words of Forrest Gump have been seared on my mind, and that is all I have to say about it.

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