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We are still working on this page and we don’t yet have a lot of topics with H. Do feel free to suggest topics and we will add them for you. So far this is a work in progress with some of our favorite topics as below.

Habit quotes: These are some inspirational quotes and sayings on inculcating good habits and getting rid of bad ones. It is a true fact that, while it is very easy to learn Bad habits, it takes a lot of practice and effort to inculcate good ones. And our life’s pursuit should be to learn as many good habits as possible and rid of all bad ones. Even hard work can be a habit if you make a habit of working hard everyday, but it takes a lot of effort.

Hard Work Quotes: Not everyone is capable of taking on Hard work, everyday, every hour, but if you look at the profile of highly successful people, they all have one thing in common. They all work very hard. And they all have learnt to make a Habit of putting an extra effort in everything they do. They all walk the extra mile, and are always ever willing to do so

Helping Quotes: These are some quotes about helping others.

Health quotes: Health is wealth, and without  good health, all that we work for will go waste. This quotes will inspire you to take care of your health.

Hope quotes: We live on hope. Most of us. These inspiring quotes on Hope will revive our lost hopes.

Humility quotes: These are some quotes on Humility, because it has become a scarce commodity.

Hypocrisy: These are some witty quotes and sayings about Hypocrisy.

Hypocrites: And these are about Hypocrites. Mostly Funny Stuff.

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