Famous Quotes Topics I-J

I Hate You: Sometimes someone you love truly hurt you in soe way you never expected, and you suddenly start to hate him. It maybe momentary, and may pass, but for that moment you feel like strangling him and start to wonder why the heck you ever put up with him for so long. These I Hate You quotes will reflect your thoughts on such occasions. I would always advise people never to take decisions when they are angry, but if you have to, then you will find these quotes handy.

Irish Proverbs: These Irish Proverbs are also covered in the proverbs section, but since it starts with an I, we have put it here to. The Irish proverbs are nothing like the ancient greeks or the chinese ones, but these sure are good.

Insecurity: We are only human, and as humans we have lots of weaknesses, and even though I would not call insecurity a weakness, we often do fall prey to it, for no reason. If you are hard working, courageous, and honest, there is no reason to fell insecure about anything. And if you are true in your love, you won’t feel insecure in love either. If you feel that he will cheat on you, then perhaps he don’t deserve you. These Insecurity quotes will get you inspired to be more confident.

Insults: These are some Quotes about insults. Sometimes we feel insulted by an act of someone, and sometimes we insult someone knowingly or not knowingly. But insults and slights build cracks in human relationships, and people hardly forget an Insult. We can’t do much about getting insulted, but we should sure try never to insult someone.

Jealousy: Another human weakness. Life would be much easier if we can conquer jealousy, but alas, show a Human a better person, and he will feel jealous. These are some jealousy quotes that will try to tell you yet again, how we can get over it!

Judgment: These are some Judgement quotes for all those who are ever too quick to judge someone based on how he talks, how he eats, or how he dresses. Of course, we should never judge people. It is none of our business is it?

Justification: These are some famous justification quotes because we give too many justifications. take ownership of your mistakes, move on. Your justifications will only convince others that you have made a mistake, right?

Journalism: These are some  Funny quotes about journalism, as we have about some other professions.

Journey: These are some inspiring Journey quotes, because after all, Life is a journey!

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