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These are some famous quotes on some of the more popular topics that starts with the letter “L”. We have categorized all these quotes into topics with the common start letter. We will continue to add topics as the site grows. We hope that you will check back sooner. If you subscribe to our feed, we will also send you a notification whenever we update an old page, or add a new page. So here goes the topics:
Luck: We have a bunch of quotes on Luck like this interesting swedish Proverb:
“Luck never gives; it only lends.”
These are generic quotes on about luck, but we also some that are about good luck, which you can use when wishing good luck to someone. I am sure you will find ample opportunity to use these good luck quotes instead of just sending a cliched good luck wish.

Labor day: We have a collection of quotes about various holidays. These Labor Day quotes are one of those. Hope you will enjoy. It will tell you a bit about the significance of Labor day and the essence of pure hard labor.

Love: We have hundreds of love Quotes. Just go to the page and you will be able to go to various categories f love quotes, right from funny love quotes to sad love quotes. This is particularly my favorite.

Life: We have a collection of the best 101 inspirationallife quotes, and just like love quotes we have tons of other pages on life quotes. And we also have these collection of quotes to live by that we have compiled for years.
Like this one:
“People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.”
~Lee Mildon

We will keep updating this page, so lots more to come.. Stay tuned.

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