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We have a lot of quotes on topics starting with letter M in draft. Here are some of the quotes that we have published so far.

Marriage Quotes: These are some quotes and sayings about marriage. Since marriage is a good topic to laugh about, most of these quotes are funny. Some may even find them in Bad taste, but there are more people with a sense of Humor than without, and I can’t everyone, so I chose laughter. Afterall, laughter is the best medicine on can ever have, and a married person have very few opportunity for a good laugh.

The Most Interesting Man in the world Quotes: This is a very interesting collection. We have compiled, as well as made up quotes about the the Most interesting man in the world. The dos equis guy, who has the most number of quotes. More than Chuck Norris, and even Chuck agrees

Mind your own Business Quotes: Hey, I found your Nose. It was right under my bizness. People do love to their nose in other people’s business. This is a collection of quotes about those situations. Funny stuff there.

Modesty Quotes: Some good quotes about modesty.

Memories Quotes: These are again some nice quotes about memories.

Music Quotes: Music is our soul. Music can soothe the most wearied souls, and can even make a bitter man soft. Such is music.

Moving on Quotes: Sometimes, well most times, and most of us tend to hang on to the past, even though we know that we need to move on. This is our feeble attempt to give you a little nudge when you are stuck there.

Mother’s day Quotes: We should celebrate mother’s day everyday. This is our collection of some cute mother’s day quotes.

Money Quotes: Ah, the root of all evils, or is it? These are some quotes and sayings about Money. and then some more Money Quotes, this is page 2.

Macbeth Quotes: Some famous quotes from the famous Play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. We also have a whole section dedicated to William Shakespeare.

We also have some Authors with the letter M in case you are interested. These are also listed in the Author’s page.
Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Cicero Quotes

mark twain Quotes

Martin Luther King Quotes

maya Angelou Quotes

Miguel De Cervantes Quotes

Mother Teresa Quotes

We will add a lot more… soon enough

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