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What is in a Name, someone once said. These Name quotes will tell you the opinions of various personalities about this topic.

Negativity Quotes: These inspiring quotes about Negativity will inspire some people to overcome some of the negativity that surrounds most of us, and make the best use of what you have. 

Night quotes: These are some famous quotes about Night.

Nursing Quotes: Some inspiring quotes and sayings about one of the most respected professions. Some of those RNs can be a tough nut, but most of them are soft inside.

Necessity Quotes: Collection of some of the most interesting and inspiring quotes and sayings on necessity, which, we all have heard is the mother of all inventions :-0

Neighbor Quotes: Nosy neighbors, Friendly neighbors, sexy neighbors, neighbor with loud kids, we have all had it. This is a collection of famous quotes about those neighbors.

New baby Quotes: Some interesting quotes and sayings for new born babies. perfect for scrapbook for the new mother, or just to be used as is for greeting cards and messages.

New beginnings Quotes: This is similar to the Moving on quotes that we have. These are some inspiring words about new beginnings, because sometimes, we have to start it all over again.

New year Quotes: Quotes and sayings that you can use for new year greetings. Remember those days when we used to send hallmakr cards to all friends and relatives. Emails killed it. And then facebook. Now, most of the greetings are in text language.

We also have a few Authors with the letter N.
Niels Bohr Quotes

Noam Chomsky Quotes

Norman Vincent Peale Quotes

Napoleo Bonaparte Quotes

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