Famous quotes topics O

Some of the Topics that start with the letter O.

Optimism Quotes: If only more people were optimists. I am an incorrigible optimist, and I consider it a personal life mission to convert as many pessimists as possible to become optimists, and I am positive that I will convert a lot of them. Even these quotes were created to inspire some of our visitors to become the Optimists that they are destined to become.

Opportunity Quotes: This is more about grabbing every opportunity that lurks around you, because you have to understand that they are out there. They just are invisible to those who are not willing to look, and just think that all successful people are just plain lucky or had the opportunity handed to them. No sir. They were not. They looked for it. And build doors on the way of opportunity, and that is the truth.

Opinion Quotes: Everybody has an opinion, and that makes the world so much more interesting. These are some inspiring and funny quotes about opinion.

Obscurity Quotes: COllection of quotes and sayings about being obscure.

And we are still working on several more pages. These pages are not complete so I haven’t published them all. We will be publishing tem all soon.
Ostentation, Originality, Order, Oratory, Oppression, Opposition, Opposites, Opponent, Opera, Obstacle, Obstinacy, Obsession, Obedience, Observation

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