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We have some great quotes about Painting
And then there are these Philosophy quotes which are not similar to these Philosophical quotes but more about the subject of philosophy. These Perspective quotes will tell us about what one’s perspective can be different from another’s
We are fond of quotes and sayings about virtues and these Perseverance quotes are one of our favorites. Things like endurance, tolerance and perseverance are are not easy to inculcate in ourselves, but these quotes might just inspire us to start trying to inculcate these as habits so that they become a virtue.

These are some Perfection quotes to help you become perfect in whatever you do or at least try to achieve 100% perfection in everything that you do. Do anything, but do it well.
These People quotes are part of our life quotes series..

We also have a nice collection of Peace quotes because peace is what we need at this times of turmoil. We may think that there is peace at home, but we need peace all over the world if we have to survive another century. Do check out this Patriotism quotes but don’t think that to kill or getting killed is patriotism. If we do love our country, then there should be no war at all, and everyone should be able to live in peace.

I am sure you will love Patience quotes too because patience is a virtue that few of us have. It is a really good habit to inculcate, because being impatient is not going to get you what you want any faster.

And for the party lovers, these are some Party quotes, we hope you will like these.
These are some Past quotes. we shouldn’t dwell too much in the past, but it doesn’t mean we should not cherish those lovely memories.
What are you passionate about? These Passion quotes might just ignite that spark in you, and get you started in doing what you really like. Because procrastination is the result of not having a true passion. These Procrastination quotes may also help you in getting over your lazyness. And lastly, these are one of our favorite quotes, because in order to become an optimists, you need to first understand these Pessimism quotes and start seeing things in a more positive light.

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