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Collection of our famous quotes and sayings about topics that start with the letter Q:
Quality Quotes: These are famous quotes about quality, as in good quality products, qualities of a person and such like. For the technical meaning, ie: from a quality control point of view from the engineering and software industry, which also swears by a lot of quotes by great quality guru, like Edward Demmings, Isikawa and the likes, we have a Bunch of those quotes as well, under the topic:
Quality Assurance quotes.. Some great quotes from some of the best minds from Quality Control and Quality Assurance Process pioneers

Quantity quotes: When we talk about Quality, we can’t leave quantity too far behind, and we have some great quotes on Quantity as well.

Queen quotes: These are some quotes on the keyword Queen.

Questions quotes: Lots of quotes and sayings on questions, because, we can learn only when we ask questions. A lot of questions.

Quickness quotes: These are some quotes about quickness.

More to come.

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