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This is our collection of famous quotes with the topics that start with the letter S.

Singing Quotes: Of all the forms of music, singing can touch our heart the deepest, when sung by someone who knows what he or she is doing. And who is gifted too. You can learn to play an instrument, but I am not sure if you can learn to have a nice voice. Such is the power of singing. The right voice, and the right tune, and it will melt the hardest of men, and women.

Success quotes and sayings: You need a lot of hard work, a bit of luck, sometimes only luck (think Vegas and super lotto), but mostly a lot of hardwork. But to be able to continue persistently, to be able to work hard against all odds, you do need some inspiration. Unless you are inspired, you won’t be able to work that hard for that long. These success quotes have inspired quite a few successful people.

Struggle quotes: Almost every successful to struggle against adversity, they to struggle against all odd, until they became successful. These quotes are dedicated to those struggle.

Spring Quotes: We love our quotes on seasons, as much as we love all the seasons. These are just random musings and quotes about the spring season. Ah the spring, of the flowers, of the nice weather, of the pleasant midnight strolls, and all the poems that have bee written about it.

Summer quotes: Of the summer picnics, of the camping trips, of the hunting trips, and chilled beer. If the summer is not too harse, there is no season quite like the summer season. But in the hot regions of the world, it can be a curse. We love it nonetheless.

Snow Quotes: I edited this page in the Winter, and it is still snowing. The charm of the snow have already gone, because it is no more the new snow.. Ah, but the first snow.. There is nothing quite like it, when you welcome winter, and it promises of the holidays and gifts and family and love… Ask anyone who is not from a snowy reason, and you will understand the mystic it has on those people.

Soccer quotes: These are some quotes about the Non-American football. The actual football to be precise. Some nice quotes on soccers, and a few by soccer stars

Sorry quotes: These are about saying “I am Sorry”, which one of the most abused words, but also the strongest word. It can melt away your anger if your kid says sorry with their eyes after breaking that expensive crystal. Sometimes you makes you even more angry, when everybody thinks that a sorry and fix anything.

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