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We all love Halloween. Kids and Adults alike. Youngsters still remember their childhood Halloween celebrations and smiles, adults enjoy it with their children and children, they just love it. We have some nice Halloween quotes and sayings for you all. Please skip to the Quotes page, if you want to view the quotes and sayings, as we have an interesting snippet on Halloween below, a little history. We have a some great Funny Halloween quotes too.

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Halloween Celebrations In Ireland
Most people think that Halloween is a fairly recent celebration that has come into being in the last few centuries. Children everywhere have little idea about why they actually dress up for Halloween and wander around the street asking the familiar question: “Trick or Treat?”
However, Halloween actually began in the pagan times, which means that it dates back hundreds and hundreds of years. It is said to have originated in Ireland, but today it is celebrated in several countries across the world. To this date, Halloween is still considered a very big event in Ireland and games such as “snap apple” are played at parties and in the back gardens of families across the country. For children, treasure hunts are a firm favourite as they hunt for the treats and presents which they receive as a result of their parents or relatives organizing the hunt. Barnbrack is a very popular fruitcake which is either baked or bought during the Halloween celebrations, and people eagerly anticipate finding out whether they have a ring or a piece of straw inside the cake. If a ring is found, it means that the person is soon to be wed; if the piece of straw is inside the cake, a prosperous year can be expected!

Apart from the ever-popular treasure hunting, children enjoy “trick or treating” and “knock a dolly” during Halloween. Children walk through the streets either alone or in groups hoping that many people will give them sweets and chocolates as they knock on the door. By contrast, “knock a dolly” is a game in which the children knock on the door of somebody’s house and then run away and out of sight. By the time the door is opened, the children have completely disappeared and are nowhere to be seen!
Pumpkins are still used in Ireland during Halloween and it is the tradition of the Irish people to carve a scary looking face in the pumpkin and then place a lantern or candle inside it. The pumpkin was traditionally known as the “Jack O Lantern” for this very reason. Like the British “Bonfire Night”, the Irish people build bonfires and set off fireworks during Halloween as part of the celebrations. In the pagan times, bonfires were built to keep evil spirits away; however, today in Ireland, many people enjoy the fun and entertainment which is involved with this particular tradition. The fireworks light up the towns and many people come out of their houses or watch from the windows of their homes.

halloween quotes

Traditional Halloween foods in Ireland include the very popular Barnbrack cake, the savoury dish known as Colcannon, nuts, corn on the cob and apples. The apples are used in various different games, include “snap apple” where people have to bring apples out of a bucket or bowl using their teeth!
In an attempt to get more involved in the Halloween celebrations, many people decorate their houses with Halloween decorations, which include paper ghosts, witches, goblins and of course, pumpkins!

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