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Milton Friedman, My favorite economist, who is much hated by the poor because he was never quite understood. He wanted to alleviate poverty the real way, the only way, but then it is sometimes hard to understand Logic. His is but one view of economics, but I thought these quotes will enlighten you to his view of economics. I have done something different this time. Instead of short memorable quotes, I have embedded all my favorite videos. I will let you decide what you favorite quotes are from these videos. This is the first time that we are experimenting publishing famous quotes directly from the mouth of the person, because technology have changed so much in the past few years.

Here is one video on Wealth. You will find some nice Milton Friedman quotes on Wealth and Family.

Here is one on freedom of choice. He is totally pawning a young Michael Moore. Moore’s question is also correct in so many ways, but look at the response, and you will realize differently. We got to understand fundamental principals.

I am not saying that Ford was right, but I agree that Ford should have put that Warning.

The Robinhood Myth:

The Myth that the Govt. has benefitted the poor at the expense of the Rich. He quotes George Stigler, that Govt. programs benefit the Middle income group at the expense of the very poor and the very rich.

On Tea Parties:

This is Milton Friedman on why Tea Parties are important. We can say tea party quotes by Milton Friedman.

Here is a Video of Milton Friedman on Printing of Money:

His Quotes on Money and Taxes:
People are only paying more taxes though inflation.
You are only going to pay more for the same amount of goods if we print more money.
It is just another form of taxation.

Milton Friedman Discusses John Maynard Keynes

Milton on Keynes
In his last letter before his death, he expressed great reservations at the great extents to which his ideas were carried on by some of his disciples. If Keynes lived another decade, the post war inflationary explanation might have been avoid.

Milton thinks that keynes would have been horrified at the lengths to which his ideas were carried on. His ideas didn’t apply in the post war situation.

Some great Milton Friedman quotes on Inflation on this video

There is only one way to fight inflation. That is to create less money and spend less money.

We are the ones causing inflation. We want the price of things we buy to go down, but we don’t want the price of things that we sell to go down. We want it to go up.

Milton Friedman on Govt. Intervention. My favorite quote starts around 3:35

“I think Business is a Wonderful institution, provided, it has to face competition in the marketplace and it can’t get away with something other than by producing a better product at a lower cost.”

And see the past part of video where he talks about Medicare.

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