Quotations Resources

These are some of the other quotations sites.

1) BrainyQuote: One of the biggest quote sites with the widest range of quotation categorized by keywords and authors. Every author and topics has pages and pages of quotes. Every quote with that keyword is listed.

2) Quotationspage: One of the oldest quotes sites that have been around for ages. It was hand coded by the author, and has quotes about any topic or Author.

3) Wisdomquotes: This is also a very old quotations site build using a movable type blog. Thousands of inspirational quotes.

4) wikiquote.org: A wikipedia or a user generated wiki page of quotes. Very well organized and diversed.

5) Thinkexist: A very large quotations database that is totally user submitted. Have been around for ages.

6) Bartleby: This is a huge quotations site that is also a very trusted source.

7) Inspirational Quotes: Famous quotes and sayings to inspire you and start your day on a positive note

8) Thinking of You Quotes: Features quotes you can send to others to inspire and remind them you are thinking of them.

If you have a quotation sites that you want to list here, do leave a comment with your details and I will get an alert. You would first need to link back to this site from your resource page using the code given on the right side of this page, below the video.

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