Quote of the Day

Quote of the day is a Nifty feature to add a random quote every day, a new quote for each day of the Month.

By adding the small line of code to your website or blog, you will see a new quote everyday that looks like this:

Provided by All Famous Quotes

Feel free to add this to your blog.

Here is the code:

The code and the quotes are hosted on my website.
If you wish to host the code on your website, so that you can add your won favorite quotes, feel free to contact me.
It would be nice if you provide a link back as a small gesture though.

And if you want to only show a particular genre of quotes, like friendship quotes, proverbs, love quotes, success quotes etc, based on your website theme, just drop an email to me and I will create the Quote generator for you for free, and all you need to do is add a small code that I provide. You can either host the quotes on your website (if you have your own server). If you have a blogspot or some other third party hosted website, I will host the quotes on my website and will provide you the link to generate the Daily quotes.

My Email is allfamousquotes[at]gmail[d0t]c0m

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